Champagne Soiree

at MOVES 214 FRANKLIN ST in Greenpoint

Its been a really awesome past 7 days. Last week MOVES was featured in Bullet Magazine, Lots of Fireworks blew up! Police! Falling Down! And today Moves is in Time Out New York in the New Stores section!

We are celebrating this Sunday with complimentary champagne for all! Here’s a quick update about whats new at Moves. Yes, we’ve been here and been a store for the last few months.. But we gave ourselves a makeover… that’s an understatement more like a sex change with magic instead of plastic surgery. Like Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire, getting a sex change into Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior. We have expanded, remodeled and added awesome new designers!

Especially awesome and dreamy is our new co-visionary Moves maker John Michael. He operates Artists and Revolutionaries from the design space behind the store, and helped re-reinvent the third incarnation of the shop. Come enjoy his talent and fresh edge-addings.

New Brands at Moves
Artists and Revolutionaries (offering 20% dyed tops)
Helveta Vyotlog (geometric wooden jewelry)
Demploi (highest quality backpacks)
Billy Wolf (dog bandannas)
Carte de Visites (original turn of the century photos)

plus new stuff from our all star roster of talent:
New skirts and tanks from Study NYC
New Necklaces and Tees from Junk Prints
New Earrings from Andy Lifshutz
New cuffs n plexi jewelry from Mycinta
New RHLS (10% off all emoticon wear, and 20%-40% off select designs)

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What: MOVES SHOP Where: 622 Broadway Ave // Lorimore J & M Broadway G Hours: By appointment 7 days a week 12pm-8pm // 646-504-0658 Who: RHLS, FONY. KID RUFFEO, ROTATING GUEST DESIGNERS Concept: Moves is a store which moves around NYC. Moves acts as an umbrella retail place for Sherman and Jones’ three core labels, RHLS – Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty, FONY – Fashion Origins New York and Kid Ruffeo. Moves also curates rotating guest designers. Moves HQ Store is located at 622 Broadway, above the old furniture warehouse. We also curate pop up shops at satalite gallerys, music venues, bars and other retail locations. MOVES 622 Broadway Brooklyn, NY, 11206 // 646 504 0658 instagram @movesbrooklyn @f_o_n_y

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Hours & Info
Open by appointment 7 days a week 12pm-8pm. Complimentary beverages while you shop. Call or email at least 2-24 hours ahead.
MOVES is owned and operated by R.Mackswell Sherman and Sarah Jones of RHLS. Learn more at RHLS.COM
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