MOVES TV COMMERCIAL from Eli Heuer on Vimeo.


MOVES TV COMMERCIAL from Eli Heuer on Vimeo.


We are very excited to release the first of a miniseries of “television commercials” promoting Moves and the ground breaking labels available at MOVES Concept Store. In this heartwarming adventure a talented delivery boy finds himself awakened by a demanding text: “Are you asleep this pizza’s been up for 20 minutes!”  Our hero’s life will never be the same after his daring delivery.
 Fabric Horse is a model made in USA manufacturer producing cyclist utility belts and accessories out of their flagship store in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  If you ride a bike there is nothing like a Fabric Horse Utility belt to make your commute or pleasure ride more pleasurable.  The Half Belt and the Superhero belt are usually available only as custom orders . This addition of utility belts is only available at Moves.  Belt colorways are based off ideas from the mental might color block theorists Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty.  Fabric Horse belts not only have a phone holder with headphones access grommet, wallet place, U-Lock holder, Carribeaner, Water bottle/Tall Boy holder, Pen holder, they are damn pretty.  This was an edition of 8.  Extremely limited and available at a very reasonable price. $99 for a half belt and $148  for the Burrito-with-extra-sour-cream-and-avocado-on-top Super Hero Belt
About Moves TV Commercial
Television commercial for MOVES concept store showcasing ‘Fabric Horse for RHLS’ exclusive collaboration belts, the Quadrocepticon tank top and Empathetic Eyes tank top.  Each utility belt is based off of the four RHLS cornerstone colorway concepts: Quadrocepticon, Press Yr Luck Cry Yr Eyes, Humanize Master and brand new Emotional Icon.  Only available at MOVES Concept Store 419 Graham Ave off the Graham L train.  Starring Eli Heuer: cyclist, Jesse James: babe, Dillon Jame Rego banana hammock jingle singer.  Soundtrack and jingle by Alaskas.  Filmed and edited by Eli Heuer.  Enjoy these slogans!  DEFINE THE ETHIC AESTHETIC. MOVES a movement for independent industry.  RHLS it stands for more.  My pants are on fire who put Tabasco in here.

What: MOVES SHOP Where: 622 Broadway Ave // Lorimore J & M Broadway G Hours: By appointment 7 days a week 12pm-8pm // 646-504-0658 Who: RHLS, FONY. KID RUFFEO, ROTATING GUEST DESIGNERS Concept: Moves is a store which moves around NYC. Moves acts as an umbrella retail place for Sherman and Jones’ three core labels, RHLS – Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty, FONY – Fashion Origins New York and Kid Ruffeo. Moves also curates rotating guest designers. Moves HQ Store is located at 622 Broadway, above the old furniture warehouse. We also curate pop up shops at satalite gallerys, music venues, bars and other retail locations. MOVES 622 Broadway Brooklyn, NY, 11206 // 646 504 0658 instagram @movesbrooklyn @f_o_n_y Facebook.com/RHLSnyc rhls.com fony.me rhls.com/kidruffeo

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Hours & Info
Open by appointment 7 days a week 12pm-8pm. Complimentary beverages while you shop. Call or email movesbrooklyn@gmail.com at least 2-24 hours ahead.
MOVES is owned and operated by R.Mackswell Sherman and Sarah Jones of RHLS. Learn more at RHLS.COM
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