RHLS Renegade Weekend!


CLOSED FRIDAY FOR MACKSWELLS B-DAY. OPEN HALF DAYS FOR THE WEEKEND: 12-4PM SAT/SUNThis Saturday and Sunday Moves is popping up in the East River State Park on the Williamsburg Waterfront for
Renegade Craft Fair!
To dive fully into that carnie spirit we will be offering outrageous discounts on all of our brand-new summer designs. We are also sewing up a limited edition of crops and tanks at especially excessively ace$$ible prices.  Also enjoy the debut of the first 1-pieces and swim trunks from our swimwear collection this weekend.  The whole damn salami will be available just in time for the opening of McCarren pool.

The 8th annual Renegade Craft Fair features 300 independent makers including a few of Moves favorites like Fabric HorseD’emploiHelveta Vyotlag and Species by the Thousands.

GET WITH IT: WE ARE  VERY CLOSE TO THE MAIN ENTRANCE! BOOTH #112 (go in hang a left and we are around the corner!)

Saturday and Sunday June 23/24 11-7PM
N. 8TH & Kent Ave

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What: MOVES SHOP Where: 622 Broadway Ave // Lorimore J & M Broadway G Hours: By appointment 7 days a week 12pm-8pm // 646-504-0658 Who: RHLS, FONY. KID RUFFEO, ROTATING GUEST DESIGNERS Concept: Moves is a store which moves around NYC. Moves acts as an umbrella retail place for Sherman and Jones’ three core labels, RHLS – Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty, FONY – Fashion Origins New York and Kid Ruffeo. Moves also curates rotating guest designers. Moves HQ Store is located at 622 Broadway, above the old furniture warehouse. We also curate pop up shops at satalite gallerys, music venues, bars and other retail locations. MOVES 622 Broadway Brooklyn, NY, 11206 // 646 504 0658 instagram @movesbrooklyn @f_o_n_y Facebook.com/RHLSnyc rhls.com fony.me rhls.com/kidruffeo

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Hours & Info
Open by appointment 7 days a week 12pm-8pm. Complimentary beverages while you shop. Call or email movesbrooklyn@gmail.com at least 2-24 hours ahead.
MOVES is owned and operated by R.Mackswell Sherman and Sarah Jones of RHLS. Learn more at RHLS.COM
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